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A bookish experience unlike any other


Find new authors to love or rediscover old favorites.


Each subscription option offers a unique experience.


Our subscription packages make great gifts!


Build your paperback collection with great books!

What is the Paperback Bookshelf subscription?

Misplaced Muse Creative (formerly Blue Spider Books & Wax) delivers a bookish experience straight from a community bookstore. The experience is unique. Each month, we feature a paperback that we love or a paperback that is written by an author that we love. The books featured in a Paperback Bookshelf subscription are new copies of old favorites that we believe deserve a home on every book lover's shelf.

Our subscription and gift packages make the perfect gift-- either for yourself or a loved one. Paperback Bookshelf features books from a variety of genres. Subscribers can expect titles from Fantasy and SciFi to Classics, Mysteries, and everything in between. We curate and feature the books and authors we love, because we believe that everyone deserves a great paperback collection.

Misplaced Muse Creative is not your average book subscription. We're offbeat, bent around the edges, and eccentric. Each month's package includes the featured paperback, plus a handmade scented item themed around the book, as well as a hot beverage of your choice, and a snack. Bookmarks and occasional bonuses can be found within, too.

How It Works

1. Choose your subscription

Choose your preferences.

2. We curate your subscription

We select amazing paperbacks that we can't wait to share with you!

3. Delivered monthly

The magic of a community bookstore is delivered monthly! Get excited!

What's inside?

We’re so glad you asked! 

Paperback Bookshelf is a curated reading experience that features paperback titles that we love by authors whom we love and want to share. Each book we feature deserves a spot in every book lover's paperback collection.

Paperback Bookshelf includes:

• One NEW paperback novel

• ONE sample of coffee, tea, or cocoa

• ONE handmade scented item (such as candles or bath/body products, etc)

• ONE snack to munch while reading

• One BONUS item

One-time purchases are available from our shop HERE and HERE


Previously Featured Titles

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Douglas Adams

  Fahrenheit 451 

Ray Bradbury

 The Black Company  

Glen Cook