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What is Misplaced Muse Creative?

Mispalced Muse Creative offers numerous gift boxes in addition to a variety of monthly subscription-based packages. Some packages pair secondhand novels with delicious samples of coffee and tea. 

Secondhand novels are used. They are not new. Perhaps they have been read only once, but perhaps they have lived a thousand lives before coming to reside with you. All books range from acceptable to like new condition. Shelf wear, page creasing, page staining,  minor cover wear/damage, spine creasing, and light marking may be present. Some may be ex-library books or remainders and may be labeled as such. Books may be a mixture of mass market or trade paperback, or an occasional hardcover.


Shipping Schedule

Please read carefully.

Orders for new subscriptions open on the 5th of each month and boxes ship around the 10th of the following month. So, if you subscribe on November 5th, your first package will ship around December 10th. Orders close on the 4th of each month, so if you subscribe on the 4th of December, your package will ship around the 10th of December. Once you have subscribed and received your first package, subsequent packages will ship on or before the 10th of each month.

If you need a gift item shipped immediately, order from our Gift Shop.


How does it work? How am I charged?

All subscriptions are auto-renewing unless marked as a non-renewing gift at checkout. Subscribers choose a genre umbrella and beverage preferences (on select subscriptions) during the subscription process. Books are selected by us from any of the genres under the umbrella chosen. Choose whether you'd prefer that the subscription renew every month, or choose to prepay for three or six months at once. The packages are curated, the card on file is charged on the 15th of each month, and packages are shipped once monthly until the subscription is cancelled by the customer. Applicable sales tax and shipping/handling are additional charges. 


Are the books themed?

The books are not themed on the secondhand subscriptions. Books are  chosen based on the genre umbrella selected during the subscription process. 

Looking for a themed package with a new (not secondhand) paperback? Try Paperback Bookshelf!


How are the subscriptions priced?

Subscriptions are optimally priced to save a few dollars when subscribing to more than one month. Additionally, there is an option to purchase a one-time box from the shop. Six month prepaid plans are the best value. 


What if I want to skip a month or cancel my subscription? 

Any changes to your account can be made by logging in and editing your account details. Any changes made to your account after renewal day on the 15th will not apply to the current subscription. If you have trouble making any changes, just reach out to us via email at and we will be glad to help!


Can I edit my preferences?

If you would like to edit your genre umbrella or beverage preferences, simply log into your account and edit your subscription. (Please note that some subscription varitations do not offer beverage options.)

Edits to preferences during the curating process cannot be guaranteed, and may not apply until the following month. Preferences outside of the ones currently offered and/or customization requests cannot be honored. 


I've already read (or don't like) the books I received. What do I do?

TL;DR: Donate them.

The idea behind any package from Misplaced Muse Creative is to provide variety to a reader's library by sending secondhand books (or new, in the case of PB Bookshelf) that may not be high on the radar or, alternatively, are older classics that some readers may already own. Receiving additional copies of books already owned or receiving books that don't exactly fit the tastes of the subscriber are chances that are taken when subscribing to our products. Books are not guaranteed to be the first in a series, but can likely be read as stand-alone stories. We treat books in a series as stand-alone stories. This subscription is about adventure and being open-minded in terms of books and what is considered "good." We think all books deserve a chance. We recommend passing those books that you're not delighted with along to friends and family, or start a Little Free Library in your neighborhood!

All purchases are nonrefundable.

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Packages and offerings are subject to change without notice. Any descriptions of packages above may be for current or previously-offered packages. To see current offerings, click here.

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