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Scent of the Month (Wax Melt + Bonus)

The Scent of the Month Club members will receive handcrafted soy and coconut wax blend WAX MELTS monthly. The scent is a surprise and varies each month. Includes:• ONE WAX MELT (a surprise scent, varies monthly!) • ONE SURPRISE BONUS (The bonus may be another scented item, but it may not. It's a surprise!) Does not include a melter.

Sip & Scent (Beverage + 4oz Candle)

[Beverage & Candle Only] The Sip & Scent package delivers a hot beverage and the Scent of the Month to add a little extra "ahh" to your relaxation time. Receive: - ONE sample of the month's featured beverage (choose from coffee*, tea, or choose the "surprise me" option) - ONE 4 oz candle in the Scent of the Month** * The coffee may be ground or whole bean depending on which style we feature for the month. No preference is given. The tea is always loose leaf. **The Scent of the Month is a surprise! The candle may come in a glass jar or in a tin.

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